The Candy Pan Case Study
Commercial Photography and Website Design - COURTESY OF RAYMOND GRIFFIN STUDIOS, LLC
The Candy Pan bridges the world of the professional chocolatier with the crafty do-it-yourselfer in a beautiful blend of class and usability that makes it possible for anyone to become a chocolatier.
Project Scope​​​​​​​
The Goal
establish a brand that appeals to chocolatiers and crafty diy individuals through professional web design and commerical photography
In my initial brand strategy meetings with The Candy Pan they emphasized that they wanted their brand to feel like a luxury brand while also appealing to the crafty moms and DIY individuals.  Additional parameters for the project included: a website that was professional in nature, had a light and airy feel, had body copy that appealed to the amateur, and had a branding style similar to a barista in a coffee shop.
User Persona
The Candy Pan Story​​​​​​​
As I worked with The Candy Pan my approach was first to learn and then to help them tell their unique story. My focus in doing their commercial photography and in building their website was to tell their story visually as much as possible. This approach helped us focus in and narrow down what type of images would tell their story best, how the layout of the website would emphasize their story, and how the images and website design would showcase The Candy Pan in a way that made it feel high end and accessible for anyone to use.
Product and Lifestyle Photography
Information Architecture
Each page was designed to funnel users to the Candy Pan Store
To give the site a luxury feel, I paired Cinzel with Montserrat. cinzel was used only as a header font, while montserrat was used as subheadings, body copy, and button text.
Cinzel has a natural luxury feel with it's small caps and serif elegance. Montserrat has lots of weights making it versatile to use in buttons, subheadings, and body copy. Additionally, Montserrat is easy to read in paragraphs with several lines of text.
The Final Result
To see The Candy Pan's full live website, click here. The home page is feature below.
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